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通知 Notice Board

  1. 兴趣班招生 activity class enrolment
    所有报名兴趣班的学生都已经安排到他们的第一选择,请在11:00直接去所报的兴趣班教室 (如下图)
    All students who has paid the fee for the activity class are allowcated to their first choice. Please go to the classroom of your preferred activity class at 11:00am (see diagram below)
  2. 班级更新 Class changes (08/09/09)
    • C3B: 3B班和3C班合并成新的3B班
      3B and 3C are merged to new 3B
    • C6: C6A班和C6B班合并成C6班
      C6A and C6B are merged to new C6
    • C7: C7A班和C7B班合并成C7班
      C7A and C7B are merged to new C7
  3. 新的学期各个班级(黑体字)和兴趣班(蓝色字)的教室分布如下 (08/09/2017)
    The layout for the language classes (black colour) and the activity classes (blue colour) is below
    classrooms layout

  4. 新的学年将在星期六, 2017年9月6日正式开学。请各位同学在早上9点准时到 Boroughmuir High School上课。
    The new term will start on Saturday, 06/09/2017. All students should arrive the Boroughmuir High School at 9:00am.
  5. 2017-18年度的教师和班级安排以及费用及缴费方法已经公布,请大家查看,并在9月2日以前付费,以保证学校为你的孩子订购教材。
    The list of classes and teachersand the fee and payment instruction for 2017-18 have been updated. Please check the information, and donate the suggested amount before 02/09/2017 to ensure the school to order the text books for your children.

    The current students are progressed into same class (Class A or Class B) in next level automatically. If any student want to stay in same level, change class or is not sure which level/class to choose, please contact the school via email

  6. 我校家长全体大会在2017年6月17日进行,在大会上进行了校长的选举。通过大家的投票,杨尔辅博士当选为新的校长,并组成新的校委会成员。校委会详情请见 校委会
    The Annual Geneal Meeting (AGM) was held on 17.06.2017. Dr. Erfu Yang was elected as the new headmaster. He has appointed the new school management committee. More details of the new school management committee is in committee section.

  7. 我校2017-2018年秋季新生报名已经开始,详情请见注册报名
    2017-2018 Registration of new pupils is open now, Please sign up your child

  8. 我校正在招聘多名中文老师(普通话)和兴趣班老师(数学,美术,舞蹈,武术),诚邀有志于海外中文教育及中华文化传播的有志人士加盟我校。
    更新: 我们招聘已经圆满结束。
    如果您还有兴趣来我校担任老师请将个人简历发送到我校邮箱 我们会在需要的时候联系您。

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