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Membership Fee and Donations

2018/19 学费/School Membership Fee*

The fee for 2018/19 will be published before 30th June 2018. Please do not pay the fee before this is published.

2017-2018 学费/School Membership Fee*


  1. 上述费用是2017-18 全学年,已经包括教材和练习册。由于订购教材和练习册需要时间,请大家尽量在开学前一个星期(02/09/2017)前付款以确保学生在开学的第一节课拿到教材。学校会根据缴费的信息订购教材,并在课堂上面发给已经付款的学生。
    The fee is for the academic year 2017-18, and includes the cost for text books. As it takes time to order the books, please make the payment before 02/09/2017 to guarantee that your children will receive the text books in the first day of new term (09/09/2017). The text books will be distributed to the students who has made the payment.
  2. 以上费用标准适用于2017年09月02日之前 The above rate is applied for payment made until 02/09/2017
  3. 2017年09月02日以后需附加 £10 的延误管理费 Additional £10 late payment charge if paid after 02/09/2017

费用一览表 Example of fees

选择课程 choice of courses 9月2日前费用 Fee until 02/09/17 9月2日后费用 Fee after 02/09/17
语言班 Language Class £85 £95
SQA 班 SQA class £100 £110
快乐汉语班 Happy Chinese Class £150 £160
语言班 + 兴趣班 Language Class + Activity class £135 £145
SQA 班 + 兴趣班 SQA class + Activity class £150 £160
快乐汉语班 + 兴趣班 Happy Chinese Class + Activity class £200 £210

付费方法 How to pay membership

Payment can be made by cash or cheques, or use online payment (see below) for your membership fee.

网上付费方法 How to Pay Membership Fee Online

Online payment can be made via our school's MyDonate web site

List of Donations

As we are non-profit charity organization, we always appreciate donations from all sources. Your donation will ensure that we can continue provide quality education and support to our children from 4-18yrs.

Money (Pounds) Donators date
- - -
100 Mr Haiyang Sun 孙海洋先生 03/2016
50 Mister Lee (冠华楼) Longston shop 02/2015
50 Mister Lee (冠华楼) Ferry road 02/2015
50 Golden Pond (Blackhall) 02/2015
50 Ms Chun Xia Xi 席春霞女士 02/2015
USD500 JP Morgan Chase Foundation 08/2014
USD1000 JP Morgan Chase Foundation 06/2014
100.00 AIHUA Chinese Supermarket Ltd 02/2014
200.00 UK Association For the Promotion of Chinese Education 02/2014
USD1000 JP Morgan Chase Foundation 01/2014
200.00 Ms Yun Liu and her family 09/2013
200.00 中华风味 03/2013
400.00 UK Association For the Promotion of Chinese Education 03/2013
250.00 Ms Yun Liu and her family 09/2012
100.00 Ms Shan You Merson 09/2012
50.00 Mr. John Livingston 02/2012
200.00 Number 1A Ltd. 02/2012
100.00 Bank of China 02/2012
102.00 Ms Shan You Merson 09/2011
200.00 Number 1A Ltd. 05/2011
50.00 John & Livingston Son Ltd 05/2011
60.72 Mr Thomson's Piano Concert 11/2010
82.50 Ms Shan You Merson 09/2010
300.00 Ms Yun Liu and her family 09/2010
40.00 Pagan Osborne 08/2010
1500.00 Martin Currie Ltd 08/2010
350.00 Jimmy Chan-Imperial Palace Edinburgh Ltd 03/2010
100.00 WingFung Trading Ltd 02/2010
100.00 Mr. Nelson Yiu 02/2010
100.00 Mr. John Livingston 02/2010
200.00 Number 1A Ltd. 02/2010
300.00 UK association for the PCE 02/2010
500.00 Ms. Yun Liu and her family 11/2009
3000.00 Martin Currie Ltd 10/2009
409.83 China Dream Team 10/2005

We express our sincere appreciation to all donators here and we believe that the school will continue to benefit from your generous support.

If you wish to make a donation to the school, or would like to sponsor a school event such as Chinese New Year or organise a fund raising event, please send an email to